Enkelejd Zotaj

Raiffeisen Bank
Enkelejd Zotaj, is a technology leader with more than 15 years of experience. As director if IT in Raiffeisen Bank he leads a team of 75 professionals, supporting the organization in its digital and cultural transformation.
The banking industry is undergoing radical transformation, and technology has a new role at the core of this change. What keeps him awake is establishing the right culture and organization structures that would allow IT to embrace this role and become a driving force of differentiation and efficiency within the organization.
He has played has had a wide range of leadership roles in projects and important strategic initiatives, the last was advocating and sponsorship of the digital banking transformation project for the bank, resulting in Raiffeisen ON, the digital platform that serves all bank customer segments from individuals to big corporates. Digital transformation and Raiffeisen ON are the top strategic priority of the bank, and the current state is only step one in the process.
In addition, Enkelejd is a big supporter of the Albanian innovation ecosystem facilitating the sponsorship of many of the main organizations, as well participating in panels and juries.