Faton Sopa

Co-Founder/CEO @Manaferra

With a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and self-taught programming skills, Faton has been helping hundreds of businesses grow online since the age of 15.

Using his expertise in Digital Marketing, he helps businesses in multiple industries such as Higher Education, Publishing, eCommerce, and Travel utilize the power of SEO and Analytics to create value for the people. In 2014, he co-founded Manaferra, an SEO agency specializing in SEO Consulting, Analytics, Digital PR, and Content Marketing.

Also, a podcast author in “Mastering Higher Education Marketing”.

Google Analytics 4 – A new horizon for digital marketers

As digital transformation continues to reshape businesses, digital marketers must analyze user behavior, monitor ROI, and devise effective marketing strategies. How we collect, analyze, and consume data has drastically changed since the inception of Google Analytics (UA) in 2012, one of the most-used tools by Digital Marketers. The rise of mobile apps, consumer behavior shifts, privacy regulations, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, has created new horizons for performance tracking. The future of Analytics has never been more promising with the latest version of Google Analytics.