Fjona Cakalli

Founder @TechPrincess

Content creator, speaker, tech influencer, TV anchorwoman, but also editor-in-chief, and digital entrepreneur, Fjona Cakalli was born in Tirana in 1987 in a family of first Opera dancers, where she daily breathed an air of passion for art and entertainment then arrived in Italy when she was four years old.

Passionate since childhood about video games, in 2011, she created Games Princess, the first Italian website dedicated to video games and managed exclusively by girls;in 2013, she gave life to TechPrincess to bring people closer to the world of technology by explaining it in simple words. In 2014 she opened a YouTube channel, Driving Fjona, where she talked about cars lightheartedly and cheerfully; in 2019, she co-founded TechDream, a creative agency that deals with marketing and communication.

In addition, Fjona deftly juggles online and offline event presentations, TV and radio collaborations.

In April, she was entrusted with the conduction of eSerie A TIM | eFootball PES 2021, the first official esports championship by Lega Serie A.

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