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AllWeb is the leading conference on digital marketing, business and transformation in Macedonia. It creates unique possibilities for you to connect with and learn from some of the globally most influential thinkers and doers.

Each dot in our amazing event is thoughtfully shaped to focus your perspective on the future and prepare you and your team for the digital challenges. 

15 November 2019 / Macedonian Philharmonics, Skopje


Alex barker
be more pirate

Alex Barker is the „Right Hand Pirate” to Sam Conniff Allende, author of the bestseller „Be More Pirate”. She is responsible for their pirate community and shares with the world the values of the BE MORE PIRATE COMMUNITY CODE.

Daniele Fiandaca
Utopia & Token Man

Daniele Fiandaca is one of the top 30 business consultants that lead the change in 2018. He is a proud recipient of the Gold Cannes Lion and is a co-founder of many communities focused on accelerating creative and innovative thinking.

Maja Jovancevic
Gaming Innovation Group

Maja Jovancevic is a Senior SEO Manager for Gaming Innovation Group whose experiences in the local and international market turned her into a “full stack” SEO expert. She speaks at conferences and organises workshops.

Matt desmier
wise old uncle

Trading under the moniker of Wise Old Uncle, Matt offers agencies, businesses and bigger companies creative solutions to common problems. He’s like a mentor who is wise beyond their years and the person you know will always have the right answer. Your Wise Old Uncle.

Nenad Molerovich

Founder & CEO of LeanSEM, a Google Premier Partner. He has managed over $200M in Google spend over the past 14 years. Currently LeanSEM is proudly helping companies like DialPad, MasterClass, Udacity to scale their paid acquisition.

Granit Doshlaku

Co-Founder and Head of Search at Manaferra. For the past 7 years, he has been bringing & implementing fresh and creative ideas to his clients, regularly speaking & lecturing at local events about SEO, content marketing, link building and app SEO.

Hripsime Hovakimyan Kuzevska

Ripa is a content and brand communication specialist with 10+ years of experience. She got an award “Marketing team of the year 2016” among Marriott Internation hotels. Today she is a Director of Marketing & PR at K.A.K

Blaze Arizanov

Born in Strumica, Blaze moved to New Delhi in 2011. In 2015 he co-founded StayUncle, India’s highly disruptive and controversial, couple first online hotel booking portal. His secret ingredient to success – content.

Aleksandra Trpeska

Known as Majestic, is one of the first and most successful Macedonian bloggers, with 6 years of experience in influencer marketing. Aleksandra has worked on projects with top-tier brands such as Nike, Telekom, dm drogerie, Rimmel London.

Dario Kesegi

Serbian YouTuber who started a channel with his brother back in 2014 called ‘Stuberi’. The channel has almost a million subscribers and over 450 million views. He recently moved to Belgrade and created his own channel which reached 100.000 subscribers in just a few days. His content revolves around his urban lifestyle.


session #1 – 09.15-12.00h

  • Registration
  • Official Opening
  • Matt Desmier (Wise Old Uncle)
  • Maja Jovancevic (Gaming Innovation Group)
  • Granit Doshlaku, Manaferra

12.00 – 12.30h – Coffee Break

session #2 – 12.30-14.00h

  • Alex Barker (Be More Pirate)
  • Panel Discusion – Influencer Marketing:
    • Aleksadra Trpeska (@Majestic)
    • Dario Kesegi (Stuberi)
    • Hripsime Hovakimyan Kuzevska

14.00 – 15.00h – Food, Drinks & Networking

session #3 -15.00-17.00h

  • Nenad Molerovich (LeanSEM)
  • Blaze Arizanov (StayUncle)
  • Daniele Fiandaca (Utopia & Token Man)

Official Closing


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About the conference

Back in 2012, when it started, AllWeb was a commitment of a group of dedicated people to invest in the knowledge of marketing and business people in Macedonia. Eight years now we are pushing and shaping the market, each year putting the boundaries higher when it comes to the quality of the content and the speakers.

Including this year’s participants, we can now proudly say that we have reached more than 2.500 people’s ‘brain cells’ in two countries: Macedonia and Albania, offering them more than 180 different perspectives and opinions from our speakers.










Who is behind AllWeb? Darko Buldioski, Slavica Biljarska Mirceski, the whole NewMediaMK team (Natalija, David, Natasha, Neno, Simona…) our beloved friends Vladimir Vulic, Nikola Spasov, Robert Petkovic, Dave Birss and of course all of our partners and participants.