Nerd since the age of 8, classical studies, and degree with honors in business administration. After an experience in the management of multinational companies, including a long period in the eyewear world leader Luxottica, at the end of 2015 he co-founded AnotheReality, a virtual worlds company focused on metaverse technologies design and development.

He is TEDx speaker, author of Possible Futures (edited in Italy by Giunti), and teacher at Istituto Marangoni and SDA Bocconi.

How virtual transformation will disrupt your business

The metaverse, as a convergence of three enabling technologies (XR, Social Virtual Worlds, Blockchain), is a new human-centric paradigm enabling the digitalization of lifelike experiences, of most physical objects (places, people and products), and the creation of new virtual economies. Organizations and businesses are already embracing this new paradigm, in what can be seen as the evolution of digital transformation: virtual transformation. Key takeaways: (1) why and how the metaverse is going to impact all areas of our lives, (2) virtual transformation of businesses has already begun, redefining the future of the workplace.