Founder & CEO of Funky Marketing, a company that combines research and strategy with creatives to help B2B tech companies develop demand for the way buyers buy now. B2B Marketing done differently. With a bit of funk. 

He’s a host of the Funky Marketing Show and Co-Founder of NS Business Talks, a professional networking community, and a big fan of Motown, GTA, and funky music in general).

Nemanja has nearly a decade of work in marketing and business development, and advanced experience in creating successful marketing strategies, achieving goals, and building high-performance teams for international and domestic clients from many industries and niches.

How to stand out in the market by creating demand

What do B2B brands have to do to stand out as more and more companies adopt demand generation strategies? First, most companies are still running the old playbook, and even though they are calling what they do demand gen, it’s still lead gen. Companies who truly want to stand out running a demand gen playbook should focus on 3 things:
  • Having a deep understanding of your customers
  • Having a subject-matter expert in-house
  • Having a clear point of view
In this lecture, Nemanja will talk about how to stand out in the sea of information and seameness.