– intensive training –

Social Media Strategy & Marketing

29-30 march 2018

Location: Protik ICT Resource Center

PRICE: €119

*More participants from same company receive special discount

It’s 2018 and many things in the digital landscape have changed in the last few months, let alone the last few years. We as audience and potential customers have changed, we use Facebook and Instagram differently today than we’ve used it year ago.

Brands must follow this changes, they must stay step ahead to be able to answer the customers needs and expectations. Brands of today should fully invest in their social media marketing strategies and focus on their business goals. Otherwise, they’ll lose real customers, and be left behind.

Having a strategy that would not put your brand out of the picture after the first Facebook algorithm update is essential. Understanding the landscape, user behavior, trends, features and techniques in the field of Social Media Marketing is a tough challenge today.

This is the exact motivation for this training. We are here to offer an experienced and advanced approach to Social Media Marketing. This training aims to provide updated knowledge, useful case studies and lot of valuable resources that will help you advance your communication and grow your business.

By attending the training you’ll be able to learn a lot about Facebook and it’s latest developments towards pay to play game, you’ll learn how to maximize the Instagram effect and how to create engaging content. Furthermore we’ll talk about Instagram and YouTube and how to work with influencers. The last part of the training is reserved for some practical work towards more effective advertising techniques using Facebook ads platform.


Start of training – 9:30h 

  • The state of Social Media today
  • The Death of Organic reach on Facebook and how to adapt
  • Is Instagram the new Facebook
  • Creating relevant content for your SM Channels
  • How to engage with your followers

Launch break – 13:30

  • Dark Social and why your brand needs to learn to listen
  • Best practices – examples
  • Practical group work

End of day 1 – 17:00

Start of day 2 – 9:30h 

  • Social Media Advertising
  • How to increase your Social Media ROI
  • The Golden Circle of Digital Marketing – Test, Analyse, Optimise
  • Video – how, where and when
  • Working with Influencers

Launch break – 13:30

  • Best Tools, Platforms and Services
  • Best practices – examples
  • Practical group work

End of day 2 – 17:00


Darko is the founder and CEO of the first digital marketing agency in Macedonia, NewMedia.mk and Program Director of AllWeb.mk, digital marketing conference. He is a certified lecturer at the Academy for digital marketing Clear View BTC. He has been active in the field of marketing education for more than 10 years. Darko has great experience in the fields of digital communication and Social Media strategy development for big number of international and regional brands.

Darjan Radenkovic

Darjan is responsible for the performance marketing section in NewMedia.mk. His main areas of interest are digital advertising and analytics. He is lecturer at Brainster Marketing Academy in Skopje. Darjan spent most of his career as Marketing manager in Winner – Vienna Insurance Group and has valuable experience in using digital marketing and social media for corporate business.

„We don’t have  a choice on whether we do Social Media, the question is how well we do it. “

- Erik Qualman

„Facebook is going to penalise posts which don’t make you talk.“

- Wired

„Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing. “

- Chris Brogan

„“Please Repeat: Influence is NOT Popularity!”“

- Brian Solis

Improve your Social Media marketing skills, learn how to create engaging content and upgrade the communication with your existing and potential clients on Facebook and other relevant channels.

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