AllWeb returns to Albania this November!

  • What you should know?
    AllWeb is a 1-day conference dedicated to: digital marketing, creativity, metaverse, user experience, web3, and business strategies. An international event attended by 12 speakers from all over the world.

  • Who should participate in AllWeb?
    All C-level executives, marketing managers, advertising agencies, PR and communication experts, entrepreneurs, SME owners, and business consultants should join this breathtaking one-day experience.

  • AllWeb stands for fun as well!
    In addition to sharing experiences, we will celebrate with each other, we will have special activities and many surprises.



  • Limited offer
    Buy your Ticket here or benefit from the bundle offer. Tickets available until November 1st.

  • Invoice
    You will receive your invoice automatically with your purchase.

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Get 5, Pay 4 Tickets€ 600
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Standart€ 150
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Student Ticket€ 40
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